Monday, May 14, 2007

30th July 2005 - Coronation Beach, Western Australia

30th July 2005 - Coronation Beach, 36k North of Geraldton in Western Australia. Although no fresh water is available, provision is made for those wishing to have a shower in a shower room adjacent to the toilets. (Bring your own water). A time limit of 30 days is placed on the time you stay over a 12 month period. The resident caretakers are friendly and very proud of the improvements that they have achieved during their stay. School holiday time is very busy and during the off season, it is only the early bird that is lucky enough to fine a spot as another tourist leaves. During our stay, we were luck enough to see whales off shore for a short period of time. The road from the highway is dirt and the last few hundred meters to the beach is steep but easily navigated. We strongly recommend a stop and look at this good holiday spot. During our stay, the cost of a camp site was $5.00 per night. –

Camps Australia Wide No 5 Site No. WA - 441
Camps Australia Wide No. 6 Site No WA - 436 -
GPS: 28º33'11.3"S – 114º33'54.5"E
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