Monday, May 14, 2007

12th July 2005 - Perenjori - Western Australia

Perenjori is South East of Geraldton and North East of Perth at the outside rim of the wildflower area in Western Australia.
Some further information on Perenjori: A small village in the wheat belt that is the home of the "Wreath Flower" a wild flower that blooms between August & September. Opposite the Post Office is a gazebo with a BBQ set among beautiful parks and gardens. A walking trail runs through the gardens and the pathway is embossed with stories of the district and paintings of the various buildings within the village. One of the photos shows a game of "Snakes & Ladders" (modified)
The Rabbit Proof Fence (Now called "Vermin Proof Fence" for the politically correct) runs north and south 37k East Of Prenjori. This fence was built in 1901 to combat the devastation caused by rabbits to cereal crops and pastureland. Perenjori derives from the Aboriginal word "Perangery" meaning water hole. -

This Site is not listed in Camps Australia Wide No 5 -
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GPS: 29*26'08.0"S - 116*17'17.0"E
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